The Academy

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Fall Semester Dates: September 2nd – December 15th
Spring Semester Dates: January 19th – April 29th


Spring Class Registration Opens November 15th for current students!

New Student Registration starts December 1st







The YEAH Academy:

  • Designed to serve as a tutorial supplement to individual home study programs
  • Committed to coming alongside of home educating parents and students in Middle, Junior and Senior High School
  • Coursework selected with the objective of assisting home educating parents in courses that may be a challenge to them or be out of their field of expertise or interest
  • Not a “school” nor should it be considered for the majority of the coursework for a home school
  • Provides on-site PSEO courses taught by adjunct professors from the home school community who have been hired by North Central University or Concordia University St. Paul.  See The Academy and link to PSEO for up to date details


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For further information please visit The Academy website


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